Elements of Science

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Elements of Science
Elements of Science

Elements of Science

Science from A to Z

100 Experiments in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Investigate the most important phenomena in
biology, chemistry, and physics by conducting
more than 100 fun experiments. A broad yet
elaborate introduction to the physical and life
sciences, this kit is intended to expose children
to the full spectrum of science and show
firsthand how these three core disciplines
interrelate. Ages 10 and up.
The full-color, 112-page book is organized
into the following 15 chapters:
1. Water: adhesion, cohesion, buoyancy, density,
states of water, surface tension
2. Air: Bernoulli's Principle, gases, pressure,
wind, molecular theory
3. Heat: temperature, evaporation, heat energy
4. Sound: music, sound waves, vibration
5. Forces: centrifugal force, energy, weight,
gravity, inertia, pendulums, rockets
6. Magnetism: magnetic fields, compasses,
magnetic poles, radiation
7. Electricity: electric motors, lightbulbs,
simple circuits, static electricity
8. Electromagnetism: electromagnets, the EM
spectrum, waves, current indicators
9. Light: camera obscura, light and shadow,
light intensity
10. Optics: microscopes, telescopes, lenses,
prisms, reflection, refraction, optical illusions
11. Plants and Animals: seeds, microscopic
organisms, plant cycles, plants and light
12. Colors: color theory, printing, spectrum
13. The Human Body: brain, eyes, circulatory
system, ears
14. Chemistry: acids, bases, chromatography,
filtration, reactions, tricks, safety
15. Earth and Sun: globes, day and night, seasons,
rotation, sundials, time zones

100 Experiments

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