Help Restore a Historical Building

Help Restore a Historical Building


my name is Valorie,

my husband and I took over Constructive Fun Toys Store, in September 2021 from my mom who started it in the early 2000s. we're a Classic toy store with lots of Fun and Educational toys.

Our building got accepted to the Colville Historical Register in 2022 and the building was built in the 1920!

But it needs a few updates, like the roof needs replaced, the Floor needs re-done, the electrical need updated, and we're thinking about trying to restore the front windows back to original, which is a big renovation.

We've been on main street Colville since 2008. We're hoping to get this beautiful old building restored.

we're the second building in the picture! 

Here is the link to our "go fund me"

Thank you for your support,

Valorie and Chris