Spirograph Retro Deluxe kit

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Spirograph Retro Deluxe kit
Spirograph Retro Deluxe kit

Spirograph Retro Deluxe Set—The fascinating way for aspiring artists to create millions of marvelous patterns is back and better than ever! This reproduction of the original Spirograph set features all the iconic wheels and rings of the classic version in a retro, throwback package! Boys and girls ages 8 years old and up have enjoyed this educational design drawing toy for decades!


  • 19 Spirograph® Precision Wheels
  • 2 Spirograph® Precision Rings
  • 1 Spirograph® Precision Rack
  • .17 oz (5g) of Reusable Spirograph® Putty
  • 3 Design Pens
  • 14-Page Guide Book
  • 20 Sheets of Design Paper
  • 1 Storage Tray